2011 Inland Northwest Partners Award

Potlatch Industrial Park- Master Plan Award (Potlatch, Idaho)

The City of Potlatch and its consultant team, Welch Comer Engineers and Bernardo Wills Architects, were awarded the 2011 Community Partnership Award for economic development by Inland Northwest Partners.  The annual meeting of Inland Northwest Partners held in Spokane, Washington includes a coalition of public agencies and economic development organizations throughout the Inland Northwest.  

In 2011, Welch Comer and Bernardo Wills prepared a master plan for the multi-use re-development of the vacant 200 acre parcel which previously contained the historic Potlatch Corporation lumber mill.  The master plan included recommended re-development land uses, footprint layouts and zoning, proposed infrastructure improvements and costs, as well as recommended implementation and funding options.  The master plan was funded in part by a USDA-RBEG grant.

Welch Comer Engineers and Bernardo Wills Architects are proud to be recognized for our partnerships with Inland Northwest community leaders, and for our efforts in economic development and community planning. 

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